The summit trail is a beautiful 5-day ride that takes us from summit to summit and from sight to sight. We reach the highest point at 3'040m above sea level and have a great view towards the sea.

Horseback riding in Río Hurtado / Coquimbo /

Chile madness


Starting Point

Hurtado River

Daily Riding Time

5 average hours


7 days / 6 nights

Group Size

Minimum 1, Maximum 6 People

Difficulty level


Confirmation within 48 hours


  • Meals indicated in the itinerary (D: breakfast, BL: box lunch, S: snack, PK: picnic, A: lunch, T: tea, C: food)
  • 2 nights in a guest room
  • Professional guides and baqueanos (languages: English, German and Spanish)
  • Mat, bag and tent
  • GPS for emergencies

Does not include

  • Additional nights
  • Medical expenses
  • Does not include insurance, but we recommend having.
  • Personal expenses
  • Gratifications for the guide and baqueano


No. of participants Value per person
1 to 6 714.000


1. 1 DAY


  • Arrival of the guests, tour briefing and luggage preparation. Dinner and accommodation in the guest room.

2. 2 DAY



  • After the night in one of our guest rooms and breakfast, riders are introduced to their horse and we pack the mule with luggage. Before we begin, we briefly introduce the participants - also experienced riders - the Chilean riding style. Once the saddlebags are packed, the straps tight and the arms locked, we are ready to leave. The meeting place is approximately 10.00 a.m. We went through a church of almost 200 years, the pride of Seron. Unfortunately, the church has already seen better times, until the parrot used the house as a nesting place. From the road we climb the mountains to enjoy a beautiful view. The different colors of the hills are impressive. Due to the large amount of minerals in the earth, they glow from violet to green, even red and yellow. Further up in the valley we cross the Hurtado River and arrive at the town of the same name, where we set up our camp for the night.

3. 3 DAY



  • After breakfast and loading the mule, we went up the valley, passed the cemetery and headed towards El Chañar. After riding through the village, we leave civilization and ride higher and higher towards the mountains. Sometimes it is steep, sometimes stony and the higher we rise, the thinner the air becomes. We installed the camp for the night at about 2'800m above sea level in complete solitude and silence. The horses have enough water and fresh grass. We spend the night in our tents in an abandoned Majada and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the beautiful nature.

4. 4 DAY



  • Today is a long day. After climbing the 3'040müM Los Azules high pass and having enjoyed the fascinating view, we begin the long descent. Through a sandy terrain the path takes us downhill until we cross the road between Hurtado and Vicuña. Although we are tired, we have not yet reached our destination. After a lunch break we strengthen and leave again. Now again uphill, in the direction of Cerro Negro. At the foot of the Gemini Observatory we spend the night with a goatherd friend and enjoy his hospitality.

5. 5 DAY

  • Today we will ride on Cerro Pachón, passing through the Gemini Observatory. Gemini means twin. While the observatory on Cerro Pachón is to observe the southern sky, its twin in Hawaii is in the northern hemisphere. Gemini is one of several professional observatories located in the Hurtado River Valley. Unfortunately, entry for private persons is not possible. But if you want to visit an observatory, contact us. We follow the
    mountain range until we finally return to a goatherd where we spend the night. With a little luck we will have fresh goat cheese.
    Option: Depending on the weather and the moon phase we offer a short night ride according to the

6. 6 DAY

  • Early risers are welcome to see the milking and maybe even help. After breakfast we return to Seron. If you climb a hill, you have to go down again. All along the way we enjoy the great view of our valley and the horses once again demonstrate their safety. Arrived at home, the horses enjoy a well-deserved rest and after the nights in the open air we enjoy the comfort of the guest rooms.

7. 7 DAY

Farewell and individual return trip


  • To have on hand in your saddlebag: bottle of water, knife, snack, camera, swimsuit, toilet paper, coat and sunscreen
  • Ecological soap if soap is used
  • Personal medications if required
  • Hats if not wearing helmets, good shoes, comfortable clothes and long-sleeved shirts
  • Long pants (riding, jeans, etc.)
  • Riding boots also suitable for hiking. Riding boots are not recommended since their sole is very smooth
  • Gloves
  • Sun glasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Protection for the lips against wind and sun
  • Wide hat for the sun
  • Rain coat (ideally avoid plastic materials)
  • Scarf / bandana to avoid dust
  • Socks and underwear
  • Important: 2 changes of clothes are usually enough


Although we will do our best to follow the itinerary explained above, it is subject to change due to weather or other unexpected events beyond our control.

Prior notice of any type of health condition or food restriction

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